Sorcerer and the Female Warriors – Hypnosis Done Braves –

Sorcerer and the Female Warriors – Hypnosis Done Braves –

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サークル名 第46騎士団 
販売日 2021年10月10日 0時
おさわり ロリ 中出し 陵辱 催眠 洗脳 巨乳/爆乳
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Once upon a time, There was a war called The Great War.
The brutal war between the Evil King who tried to conquer the world, and the heroes who fought gallantly to defeat the Evil King—.
Finally, the war was won by the heroes, or it appeared in that way…
However, a few remnants survived the war although people thought the Evil King’s army was completely eradicated.
Among the remnants, there were a few descendants of the Evil King and some influential leaders. They have been secretly working to restore the Evil King army.

One day, a minor incidence revealed the existence of the survivors of the Evil King’s army.
It triggered a huge commotion among humans worrying about the recurrence of the great war. The rumor has reached an old couple who used to fight against Evil King as heroes.
They were too old and powerless to do anything against Evil King now, but the coupled had one daughter gifted after they aged rather old.
The Heroine A grew up listening to her parents about their heroic episodes every night. She insisted that she would go on a journey.
The old parents finally gave in, and told her that there are children of similar ages among their old comrades. The parents suggested that she should ask for help from these children.
Thus Heroine A has left for her journey to destroy the remnants of the Evil King’s army.

Meanwhile, Evil force was getting impatient as the humans unexpectedly found out about remnants, despite their effort to keep the restoration plan under the surface.
If the Evil Force is as strong as it used to be, the story would be different. However, the current Evil Force will be easily defeated by human army without the braves.
Cornered Evil force started sending out remaining leaders to various towns and villages, and, decided to carry out a desperate operation to vanquish human heroes individually.

A long time ago, the main character who was good at hypnosis, was working on a secret maneuvering mission among human soldiers. He also was one of the Evil forces’ leaders who survived the Great War.
The main character was given the mission to work in the village where the old ex-hero couple were living. The old ex-heroes were no longer the threat.
However, he has found out that old heroes’ only daughter would be leaving for a journey with her comrades to destroy the remnants of the Evil force.
Due to the nature of the suggestive hypnosis, the main character lacks direct fighting strength. Therefore, he has been troubled in finding the means to block the journey.
No matter how young and weak his female enemy may be, he must be alert as the offspring of ex-heroes’ comrades will join her.
After a long affliction, he remembered that there was an elf among the girl’s comrades who is the guide for her journey. So, he decided to disguise himself as the elf.
During the journey together, he tries to implant false information in her mind, and he tries to deceive her into straying from her true purpose of the journey.

**The Story

The main character accompanies the daughters of ex-heroes who plan to destroy the remnants of the Evil Kings army.
While he pretends to guide the daughters during the journey, he began to scheme how to entrap the girls behind the scene.
While paying attention not to induce girls’ suspicion, he keeps sending evil measures to surely entrap girls.
Balancing the trust and control, he keeps carefully gnawing at girls mind, and then their spirit begins to gradually corrupt.

**Sex scenes

Sexual harassment/Oral sex/Masturbation/Prostitution/Animal sex/Changing to bitches/Sexual slave/Disgracing acts/Multiple rape/Commonsense replacement/Beer berry
etc. There are 17 different scenes (without including some mixing acts)

**Concept of sex scenes

Sexual acts against girls gradually escalate, and you can truly feel how the heroine’s mind gets gradually destroyed.
Since there are many scenes where girls minds are gnawed, this game is recommended to those people who enjoy to mentally gnaw woman.

**Fundamental concept of the game.

There is no battle scenes, and are very few flags. Therefore, this game is recommended to those who enjoy jerking off quickly.
There are two Eds at the story turning-point + 4 of Each heroine’s ED. There are 6 Eds in total.
You can enjoy the variation of each status, i.e. degree of control, degree of trust and degree of obedience.
Each status has its own significance, and you can feel the control more realistic.
You can perform hypnosis on most female NPCs in town.

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